Our vision

The need for clean water.

The need for clean drinking water, along with the need for oil, our greatest reasons for political unrest. What is known is that about 2 billion people lack sufficient water to achieve a decent existence. Every day people are dying there not only because of dehydration, but also because of the lack of water for a minimum level of hygiene. If all those who currently lack adequate water would consume as much as we in the western world, so we would need at least 1.400000000 liters of clean, usable water per day! If one adds to the need to irrigate areas which today are too dry, so does the need dramatically.

Watertobillions will be a long term and trustworthy partner to businesses and individuals who support the development of the products developed from the Swedish patent 524,629th The campaign participating companies will be informed of upcoming issues of the Millennium Technology of Sweden AB, on terms which are assigned each issue .

Watertobillions be in-house and together with other humanitarian organizations, contributing to the disaster areas in the water as quickly as possible, take advantage of technological developments such as the Millennium Desalination Device and other equipment means.

Watertobillions must fight poverty, contribute to the eradication of diseases through improved hygienic conditions and be a tool for democratic development, primarily by delivering reliable equipment that helps countries and individuals to build long-term water structures.